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Phelps County Celebrating National County Government Month

Rolla, Missouri (April 20, 2017) - Phelps County continues its celebration of National County Government Month, showcasing how the county is building a healthy, vibrant and safe community through innovation in its management of justice and public safety systems, promotion of the conditions needed for growth in the local economy, and strengthening infrastructure and other efforts needed to improve quality of life. Of the five meetings planned for Phelps County's incorporated communities, two meetings remain. Held outside typical working hours and the usual morning sessions of the County Commission, these meetings afford residents the opportunity to address the commission and other county elected officials. The upcoming meetings will be held in the City of Doolittle at the Community Hall on Tuesday, April 25, and in the City of Rolla at its City Hall on Thursday, April 27; both meetings begin at 6 p.m. The public is cordially invited to attend and understand better the roles and responsibilities of Missouri's counties. Information is available at the county's website at, by selecting "County Commission".

Randy Verkamp
Presiding Commissioner
phone  573-458-6120
fax  573-458-6119


Gary Hicks
  District 2 Commissioner
phone  573-458-6122
fax  573-458-6119


Larry Stratman
 District 1 Commissioner
phone  573-458-6121
fax  573-458-6119