Senior Companions Program

Serving with compassion, caring as friends

The Finest Tradition of Neighbor Helping Neighbor

For over 47 years, AmeriCorps Seniors have served many clients in the communities of Rolla, St. James, Newburg, Doolittle and Edgar Springs, as well as the rural areas of Phelps County.

Funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service and sponsored by the Phelps County Commission, Senior Companions have assisted adults and their peers to maintain the independence they have worked for all their lives. Our clients include veterans, Alzheimer's patients, those who are blind and deaf, men and women recuperating from major surgery as well as those who are simply frail after long lives. Respite care is another contribution the Senior Companion Program makes.

Who Are the Senior Companions?

Senior Companions are healthy, older adults (55 and over) who serve clients each week on a scheduled basis. They can serve from as little as 5 hours per week to as much as 40 hours per week depending upon need. They receive 20 hours of orientation initially before receiving an assignment and then 4 hours per month training thereafter. They also receive a tax-free stipend and mileage reimbursement. Monies received from the program by law do not count as income. The program is designed to benefit qualified persons age 55 and over without jeopardizing social security, disability and any other assistance currently received. Each volunteer is covered under a limited liability policy and must complete a background check before being assigned.

What we do:

Be a friend * Give you a ride to the doctor, store, beauty or barber shop * Pick up your groceries * Do crafts with you * Go for short walks * Prepare light meals * Fold laundry * Tidy your cupboards or refrigerator * Do some dusting * Make the bed * Help with your hair or nails * Make phone calls for you or help with bills and forms * Keep you company * Help you get acquainted * Provide respite service for caregivers

What we can't do:

Vacuum the floor or mop on our hands and knees * Wash windows or walls * Climb ladders or move furniture * Lift or support you * Give you a ride outside of Phelps County * Clean or sweep the yard or shovel snow * Deposit cash for you * Make major household repairs * Do any heavy lifting * Duties normally performed by a medical professional

If you'd like to request the services of a Senior Companion or if you would be interested in becoming a Senior Companions please contact us at: 573-458-6180, or come and visit us at our office in the Phelps County Courthouse, 200 North Main St., Suite 308, Rolla, MO 65401.

Contact Information

Yvonne Leuthauser, Director
Phone: (573)-458-6180
Fax: (573)-458-6185