Recorder of Deeds

A County-wide elected office with a 4 year term, the Recorder's position is held by Robin Kordes. Ms. Kordes was elected in 2002 as the first Recorder of Deeds in the county.


Our mission at the Recorder’s office is to maintain a comprehensive set of public records according to the statutes of the State of Missouri while providing ease of access to these records which contain public information. In an effort to continually accomplish this mission, a state of the art automated system has been implemented so that documents are scanned and preserved electronically upon their presentation to the office.

We are dedicated to protecting and preserving the recordings of all documents in a manner which is both timely and cost effective.


The Phelps County Recorder’s office serves an essential role in government as it maintains and preserves some of our community's most important records. We act as legal custodian and repository of all land records and land transactions in the County. The Recorder's duties include reviewing, processing, recording and delivering back to the submitter all transfers of property and related documents in a timely manner.

The Recorder’s Office is also responsible for the issuance of marriage certificates and marriage licenses, as well as the recording of military discharges.